Troy Frazier  - Presents THE CORE GOLF ACADEMY
PROUDLY PRESENTS Ty Tempelton T5 at Division 1 AZ State High
School Championship 2018
WHEN: Winter programs are available for your Juniors on an individual basis.

 Your child must be at least 12 and competing at some level.  AZ Junior Golf Assoc, Us Kids, Middle School Team, High School Team.  The kids will learn how to compete, we will spend time on all  aspects of the game.  Each session will consist of Range time, mental and physical aspects of the game, and on course strategy.  I will be posting testimonials from the parents of Juniors I am working with now. I will do Junior lessons Tues and Thurs in the afternoon after school and on Sat Mornings at AZ Golf Resort.  I  currently have two openings so don't wait, contact me now.
COST:  $70.00 a week OR $250 A MONTH
If you are interested contact me at or 480-251-0660.  (Troy Frazier)
"Since Ty began working with Troy 2 months ago, his swing has become more controlled and he has gained more distance on his drives. He was hitting in the 220 yard range, now drives of 275-290 yards are not uncommon.  He has a much better understanding of his wedge play and what club to use depending on the situation. Before, Ty would always use a 60 degree wedge, now his club selection is based on the situation. His irons are more accurate and with a higher ball flight. There are a few par 5's at our local course that Ty can reach in two shots if he hits both shots well. Before, even with two really good shots, he would have to hit a 3rd shot to get on the green in regulation.  Troy has begun to work with Ty on his course management and the psychology of the game. This very important aspect was not taught to Ty before and it is beginning to change his golfing mindset moving forward. During the upcoming summer months, Troy will begin to work with Ty on sports performance and physical conditioning as it relates to golf. Putting all these new and improved aspects together moving forward are enhancing Ty's overall game andgetting him closer to shooting par or better. Ty is excited and looks forward to each lesson."
Todd Tempelton
"Troy has been coaching my junior golfer for the last year.  Troys teaching style makes the lessons fun and enjoyable while identifying the players strengths and weaknesses.  Troy is a true professional and I would recommend him if you want to improve your game and lower your scores!! "
David Marsh
Chandler, AZ

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