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Hi my name is Casey Barnett, I'm just a regular guy who started playing golf at 56 yrs. of age. I battled thru miss hit balls,slicing Tee shots, and a very up and down game. This past winter of 2013 I spent in Arizona, I was at the range working hard hitting balls, getting terrible results. I saw Troys instruction canopy and I made the boldest and best decision of my golf life. I introduced myself on the way off the range, asked about lessons etc. Here was a guy who wanted to teach me a efficient swing, instead of impress me how great of a pro he was. Down to earth easy to talk too. I'd like to think I've gained a friend and a golf instructor.
With what Troy has taught me I believe my golf life has been extended. I'm not putting my body through so many strained positions, which translates to not so many aches and pains. ( I'm 64yrs. old). I'm shooting in mid 80s now, I play with so much more confidence. If your looking for a positive golf experience, see Troy, Believe in what he tells you, he will put it all together for you in the end.
Last thing, I have always hated the tee box, knowing I had to hit a driver. (terrible slice), Troy did not push me to a new driver, he left that to me, he just said try this driver. With what he taught me, and a new Troy fit, Cobra, I now look forward to the tee box.
Casey Barnett
Arlington, Washington
Hi my name is Mark Harriger and I am a Ex professional baseball player. Now, professional Fitness instructor.  Before I met Troy my golf game was terrible.  I hit shots left and right.  I could never break 82.  I practiced all the time but no matter what I did I could never figure out the correct swing.  Since working with him, my game has changed dramatically.  I am now shooting in the 70s consistently..  His fitting system and knowledge of the game is amazing.  He knows how to teach with simplicity.  He doesn't confuse you with a bunch of swing thoughts.  I have been to many instructors and let me tell you he is the best I have found.  If you want to make golf easier, I would suggest using Troy. 
Mark Harriger
Ex major league baseball player  
My name is Aaron Saromines, and I am a professional golfer.  I have traveled all around the United States, Canada, and Central America playing professional tournaments.  Some of my major accomplishments are shooting 59 in the 2006 Wyoming Open and a 26 on the back nine of Toka Sticks Golf course in Mesa Arizona, my home course. 
I have known Troy for over seven years and have known Troy to be professional, knowledgeable, honorable and extremely dedicated.  Many years ago, Troy mentioned to me that he could make me a better golfer by changing my swing.  Understand; I had recently shot 59 and thought Troy was out of his mind.   Finally, after years of struggling in pressure situations, I decided to seek out Troy’s knowledge of the golf swing.  It took me twelve weeks (three lessons – one playing lesson a week) to reach our goal of a new swing, which holds under pressure.
Troy has made my swing better and defiantly extended my career.  I would recommend Troy to anyone looking to better their game.  Thanks Troy!
Aaron Saromines
I am a big fan of Troy Frazier and The Core Academy. Taking up golf later in life is a challenge… as if learning to play the game isn’t hard enough. I took up the game at age 29 and floundered about from one teacher to the next, never really getting a simple repeatable swing. Then I found Troy. His approach is simple which is what I needed. His simple approach does not rely on a handful of swing keys and a bunch of thoughts about timing. I have never hit the ball further, on a good trajectory and with such consistency as I now do after working with Troy. I have referred two very good friends to Troy who are both as happy with his approach to teaching as I am.  I would recommend Troy to anyone who wants to improve their golf game. And, as a side note, Troy is a great club fitter. He fitted me for the irons I now play and could not be more pleased.
Sean M McLaughlin
Scottsdale, AZ
I just wanted to thank you for the great fitting.
Both the  9064LS Driver and F11 3 wood are absolute cannons with the UST Mamiya Axiv Core shafts. As soon as I picked them up from you I went and played. I played from the back of every tee box for a consistent gauge. Even from back there I was hitting them to places down the fairway that I've never been before. I wish I got fit a long time ago. By the way, I shot even par 71, only because I missed two 5 foot birdie putts.
Thanks again,
Take care,
Thanks again for your help this past week, its no wonder you have the reputation that you do. I was very impressed with your teaching style, knowledge, and skill of the game.  In the few hours that you worked with me this past week it gave me a much clearer understanding of how to make a golf swing without cluttering my mind with a lot of swing thoughts.  I played with my father and brother over the holidays and shot some of my best scores ever.  I would recommend you to anyone that wants to improve their game.
Blaise Johnson
Stanford Football
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